The Itin

Launching a travel destination.


When it comes to travel sites, there’s a lot of traffic out there. But there’s something very special about The Itin and we wanted the world to know it. For travelers, The Itin is a home base for the details they need to plan the trip of their dreams. And for expert travel writers, The Itin is a showcase for their inside info and time-tested tips. So we gathered vivid photography for the new, easy-to-search website, giving it not just an authentic look, but also the feel of getting up close to the most exotic places on earth. The logo we designed is another expression of the brand’s celebratory and adventurous spirit. It’s a creative and meaningful take on painted Indian elephants, using topography lines instead of decoration. All these elements came together to make The Itin the new brand that breaks through travel planning clutter.


It’s a great story.

But it’s about more than just telling your story. It’s about telling the same story everywhere you’re seen and heard. Having a nice, tight, cohesive brand with elements that people recognize and remember is a powerful thing.

David Schwinler

David Schwinler

Owner, The Itin

“Studio Bold was great at understanding my concept, suggesting solutions, and delivering a great final product. They provided personal and responsive attention for the duration of my project, which included brand discovery, logo development, copywriting, design, development, graphics, and stock photography. I’ve already recommended them to clients of mine and will continue to do so in the future.”

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