David Krosschell

Tuning up for even greater success.


Our mission is to make sure that everyone loves the sound of all that David Krosschell can do — literally.

When we built the website for this multitalented musician, we were sure to include functionality for listening to many of his tracks. We also worked hard to organize all of David’s endeavors to help clearly communicate his range of experience. The look of the site is fitting for his personality, and meshes easily with his range of performance styles and educational interests. For consistency, we even created storyboards to help art direct his photo shoot. Ultimately, the site engages the eyes, the ears and potential business offers.

Music To
Our Ears

It’s a great story.

But it’s about more than just telling your story. It’s about telling the same story everywhere you’re seen and heard.

Having a nice, tight, cohesive brand with elements that people recognize and remember is a powerful thing.

David Krosschell, DM

David Krosschell, DM

Freelance Trombonist, Music Educator

“Studio Bold did an incredible job with both the design for my new website and the logo for my business. Renee’s ideas and creativity in both aesthetics and functionality are spot on. Highly professional and disarmingly friendly, she is a delight to work with. Many thanks!”

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