Complicated Mama

Staying relevant and driving traffic.


Put simply, our Complicated Mama client is quite successful. So our job since 2011 has been to make sure we help this lifestyle blogger continue to stand out in the increasingly crowded blogosphere.

We’ve focused on building a design foundation that is modern and uncluttered, from assisting with the logo design to creating a results-grabbing media kit. Most recently, we launched an eye-catching website redesign that will keep Complicated Mama ahead of the competition and attract both readers and advertisers. The new site showcases content in a decidedly uncomplicated way, and we of course made it mobile responsive so followers can take Complicated Mama with them wherever they go.

2011 / 2014

A long lasting relationship.

We’ve been the digital agency for the Complicated Mama and Complicated Media brands since 2011, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to changing needs as Corine grows her business.

the Art of

It’s a great story.

But it’s about more than just telling your story. It’s about telling the same story everywhere you’re seen and heard.
Having a nice, tight, cohesive brand with elements that people recognize and remember is a powerful thing.

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