Channing Tatum's Saints & Sinners

Launching a new brand, keeping history in sight.


Saints & Sinners restaurant was a new idea, located in one of the most historic places in the country.

So we blended the excitement of this new endeavor — co-owned by Channing Tatum and his longtime friend, Keith Kurtz — with the rich and always-intriguing history of its New Orleans locale. We developed everything this bordello-inspired brand needed, starting with an eye-catching logo that set the tone for the brand’s look and copy tone.

We added a website, menu, advertising, and social media presence, and even art-directed photo shoots for the food (it’s as delicious as it looks, by the way). Studio Bold is proud of the fact that Saints & Sinners continues to use us as its marketing department, and we provide consistency in design and copy.

Now this is what we call branding.

The Saints & Sinners logo came together as a combination of Studio Bold concepts and important feedback from co-owners Channing Tatum and Keith Kurtz. The logo is a real stunner, and has become a wildly popular choice for a tattoo design. We consider it all a great compliment… regardless of where the logo may now be making its mark.



It’s a great story.

But it’s about more than just telling your story. It’s about telling the same story everywhere you’re seen and heard. Having a nice, tight, cohesive brand with elements that people recognize and remember is a powerful thing.

Social Media Ads

A picture is worth a thousand likes…


It’s all about fresh ideas with clear messages that back the brand, and get people talking — and sharing.

Keith Kurtz

Keith Kurtz

Co-Owner, Channing Tatum's Saints & Sinners, New Orleans

“Renee with Studio Bold has been our “go to” vendor for brand management since our opening. The quality of Renee’s work, her professionalism, attention to detail, quick response time and accessibility make her invaluable to us. Renee and Studio Bold have without a doubt been a key asset to the success of Saints & Sinners and we look forward to working together to continue building the Saints & Sinners brand going forward.”

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