Channing Tatum Unwrapped

Elevating a website to the A-list.


Sometimes even well-established brands need an update. Such was the case with the official website for actor Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum’s official website, managed by the incomparable Q Social Media, was ready for a fresh look and more streamlined design for presenting information to the thousands of fans visiting the site. The first thing we did was develop style board options for a new overall look. Once Chan chose a style concept, we then created a new logo and website.

The chosen style has a masculine look that packages information about all things Channing, plus it is easy to update with current news and articles. And even though the site features lots of photos (of course), it maintains a clean look that’s easy to navigate. We continue to be #TeamTatum’s go-to designers for social media graphics related to the brand.

That’s Ready

It’s a great story.

But it’s about more than just telling your story. It’s about telling the same story everywhere you’re seen and heard.

Having a nice, tight, cohesive brand with elements that people recognize and remember is a powerful thing.

LaQuishe Wright

LaQuishe Wright

Owner, Q Social Media LTD

“We loved working with Studio Bold for the redesign of Channing Tatum’s official site. Renee’s level of creativity and professionalism is incredible! We absolutely love the final product.”

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